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Conquest of the Tunnel of No Return

We are pleased to present to you this interesting fiction to entertain you. The book keeps you in such suspense that out of increasing curiosity, you would not be able to drop it until you see the end of the story:

It is a detective story of a very big tunnel discovered by a man who suddenly caved into it while digging a well in his village home for the provision of portable water for his family. Rumours about what inhabited that tunnel spread like wild fire throughout the village, and later spilled over to neighbouring villages resulting in massive exodus which created for the government an unprecedented refugee problem.

Starting with archaeologists trying  without success to explore  and unravel the tunnel ; and building up to the involvement of batches of government security agencies (including the Police and the Military ) all efforts to allay the fears of the citizens by exploring and conquering this tunnel continued to be abortive; for all who went into it on this assignment never returned alive.( Read the amazing African village stories which one of the police detectives captured from one of the villages as a father reeled them out one after the other, to entertain his children .)

After months of battling, the secret was finally discovered and the tunnel conquered, and all who had fled their homes joyfully began to return from their various Refugee Camps.

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