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Did you know that if our young people were aware that God is unchangeable and His laws are unchangeable and no respecter of persons, many of those who died at their prime ages would not have died at the age they died. This is because in His fourth Commandment, God promised long life to those who honour their fathers and mothers by obeying them in matters that are not sinful, and ipso facto, permits short life or dying young to those who disobey them in matters that are not sinful if obeyed. Almost everyone loves to live to a ripe old age, but out of ignorance or stubbornness, some young people engage in wilful acts of disobedience and disrespect to their parents and end up dying young. This is why parents are encouraged to offer this book to their children to read and become aware of this great and very valuable secret.

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Dr. A.J.V. Obinna, after reading the first edition of this book, publicly praised this author during a Sunday Mass at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri, and pleaded with all present that anyone who knew Dr. Chikata should thank him for writing such a fantastic book which he said that he found very interesting to read.
He later directed the Administrator of the Cathedral, Rev. Fr. Andrew Nkwocha, to contact this Author and obtain more copies of the book to enable  him give them out  to his fellow Bishops to read and discover its very rich contents.

It is a well known fact that some very rich people are not happy, and some very poor people feel very happy. This shows that money is not the ultimate goal in life, but happiness is. This book reveals the secret of being happy in life whether a person is rich or poor; as well as how to ensure a long lasting life. We also know that eternal life and happiness are God’s reward in heaven for good people.  How this relates with the doctrine of Disobedience is all exposed and expounded in this book.
Since life is filled with efforts and struggles to be happy and enjoy, anyone who discovers an easy way to achieve this has indeed found a treasure; and this is what this book is- AN AMAZING TREASURE. We work hard in life to make money so that through the use of this money we would be able to acquire those things that make life enjoyable and make us happy and desire to live long to continue enjoying .
Some people pray to God for long periods asking for one favour or the other, but fail to obtain the desired answer. Such people wonder and are surprised that God has refused to answer them. This book reveals the secret behind such failures which many do not know about or have not taken note of as the cause of their failure. This and many other secret discoveries await you as you read along.
You would also be able to unravel a big secret which will make anyone who does not like to go to church on Sundays to worship God, to now decide never to miss any such occasion; and when there, to worship Him the WAY He loves best, and which WAY this book has also explained. Parents whose children or spouses do not go to church regularly just need to let them read this book and watch what follows thereafter.

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