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Home of the Dragon, episode 2: Are you able to toss a Targaryen dragon egg?

Gained’t somebody consider the dragons?

Word: This text comprises spoilers for Home of the Dragon, “The Rogue Prince.”

Home of the Dragon’s second episode, “The Rogue Prince,” sees the rogue in query, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), borrowing an egg from the King’s Touchdown dragon pit. In an act of sheer trolling, he brings the egg again to Dragonstone, the place he’s been dwelling with out the king’s assent. When the King’s Hand and the King’s Watch and Princess Rhaenyra all come to retrieve it, he tosses it round like an extra-large soccer earlier than glibly handing it over.

This scene left us with some key questions, particularly: What was the purpose of this complete train, and is it even secure to toss a dragon egg round like that?

It seems Daemon doesn’t actually have any purpose to nab the egg, disrupt the social order, and tempt a skirmish at his household’s ancestral manse. His pretext for needing the egg is that he’s marrying his lover Mysaria, who’s pregnant along with his little one. (He presumes this little one will likely be a son, as a result of each unborn royal little one on this period of Westeros is seemingly male by default.) He subsequently claims the fitting to present his future little one an egg of its personal. However because it occurs, not a little bit of that is true: Mysaria isn’t pregnant, and he or she’s rightfully pissed about having this dumb prank play out at her expense. It’s not even clear in the event that they’re actually getting married.

After all, one might make the argument that if Daemon have been enjoying four-dimensional chess, he may need used this complete incident as a type of saber-rattling — with sperm as an alternative of swords. On this state of affairs, he aimed to threaten his brother, King Viserys, with the specter of producing a possible inheritor, thus pushing Viserys to rearrange a hasty marriage. Daemon is aware of this marriage will additional exacerbate the tensions among the many king’s council, and he can and does use that friction to his benefit.

By the tip of the episode, he’s allied himself with Corlys Velaryon, who’s indignant as a result of his extraordinarily eligible daughter was missed by the king. If Daemon have been engaged, say, in some kind of high-level competitors over who will get to rule the dominion, we’d speculate that this was his objective all alongside.

However this present will not be referred to as Competitors of the Ceremonial Chairs. It’s referred to as Home of the Dragon, and so we should ask: Why was Daemon so keen to deal with a priceless dragon egg like a prop from Bend It Like Beckham? The egg Daemon is holding belongs to a silver-blue dragon, Dreamfyre, who hasn’t been seen but however might properly flip up in later episodes. The egg itself is particular as a result of Rhaenyra had chosen it to be the companion of her youthful brother, who would have been King Viserys’s inheritor, however sadly handed away shortly after beginning following the extraordinarily sadistic occasions of the present’s first episode.

Daemon’s option to take that particular egg was sufficient to spur the king right into a rage and deploy half of his guard to return retrieve it. Would it not actually be secure or smart for him to toy with it? Simply how sturdy and sturdy are these dragon eggs anyway?

To seek out out, we turned to Vicky Zhuang, supervisor of the College of Texas at El Paso’s biodiversity assortment. Zhuang’s a herpetologist, which means she research reptiles. However she turned out to be fairly good at ornithology, too, which was fortunate for us, as a result of we have been quickly offered with a dilemma: Are Westerosi dragons descended from lizards or birds?

The reply to this query makes a fairly important distinction to the destiny of our dragon egg. “We’d should watch out of primarily two issues,” Zhuang informed us in an e-mail. “The eggshell breaking and the contents being shook so vigorously that they break.”

Most reptile eggs are soft-shelled, Zhuang knowledgeable us, which makes them fairly delicate to any turning and motion. So reptile eggs can be fairly weak to all that jostling. Or, as Zhuang put it in an e-mail, they “would actually be scrambled if tossed!”

Hen eggs, nevertheless, not solely have laborious shells, however they arrive with a built-in set of cables referred to as chalazae that anchor the yolk to the shell casing — like a seatbelt in your child service. That may assist hold the egg secure within the occasion of a black-sheep Targaryen deciding to play volleyball with it whereas standing on a slender wall a whole lot of ft above the earth.

Fortuitously for Junior Dreamfyre, Westerosi dragons is likely to be descended from each creatures. The visible results specialists who labored on Recreation of Thrones took inspiration primarily from reptiles and adjoining creatures, together with “alligators, lizards, attractive toads and bats.” Additionally they added extra reptilian traits because the present progressed — making them scalier, for instance.

However in a checkmark underneath the “chook” column, the dragons of Home Targaryen continuously transfer, fly, and perch like birds, and like birds, they solely have two legs and one set of wings. And, crucially, their eggs have laborious shells.

That brings us to the egg itself. Considerably bigger and rounder than a soccer, it seems to be extra like a filed-down, shellacked pine cone than any egg present in nature. However its imposing look might give it a definite benefit.

“The closest egg I can consider to the scale and form of these dragon eggs might be an ostrich egg,” Zhuang mentioned. “Ostrich eggs are about 3 kilos and fairly hardy!”

Utilizing ostrich eggs as our baseline, issues get loads rosier for our child dragon. “I’d think about dragon eggs would take fairly a bit to interrupt,” Zhuang mentioned. “You usually want a hammer or one thing like a rock and a few pressure to interrupt ostrich eggs, and the shell can survive some small drops. Individuals can step on ostrich eggs with their full weight, and the egg will likely be fantastic!”

Zhuang famous that the chalazae of a chook’s egg can break as a consequence of shaking or tossing — some extent towards our dragon child’s survival. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely the dragon egg skilled an excessive amount of tossing and turning through the boat journey throughout Blackwater Bay. “Common transportation appears to be fantastic,” she assured us. “Farms delivery out hatching rooster eggs throughout the nation with acceptable packaging and dealing with can have fairly excessive success charges, and researchers have a minimum of some proof that jarring from transport for emu and kiwi eggs gained’t severely have an effect on hatching charges.”

So carting the egg round Westeros might be fantastic — not perfect, however fantastic. Additionally, recall, 200 years sooner or later, Daenerys Targaryen will tote three eggs round half of Essos earlier than discovering simply how sturdy dragon eggs will be.

However carting isn’t the identical as throwing, which Zhuang says wouldn’t be good for this unborn dragon.

“Tossing an ostrich egg would in all probability be the true drawback,” Zhuang mentioned, “until it actually was a reasonably mild recreation.” Even that, she speculated, might be devastating, because it “would seemingly result in a malformed chick.”

Nonetheless, there’s purpose for optimism: Egg-tossing seemingly wouldn’t cease the egg from hatching in the long run. In reality, she informed us, “Wildlife administration used to make use of shaking extra as a method to cease sure chook populations from getting uncontrolled, however generally the birds would nonetheless hatch, which is why they’ve moved to different strategies.”

So, most certainly state of affairs? Junior Dreamfyre survives, however has some developmental points. We’re doubtful that Daemon had egg security on his thoughts when he launched into his little recreation of scorching potato. Like the ladies of Westeros, the dragons of Westeros are little greater than instruments for the royal courtroom, and also you don’t cease to surprise in case your Humpty Dumpty hammer can survive a fantastic fall.



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