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The Bear Requirements: Why Our Forests Want Bears

What involves thoughts if you consider bears? Many rural Canadians typically consider them as intimidating nuisances that prowl our forests, mountains, and dumps. However bears play an important position in our ecosystems. 

Enriching forest soil

Bears are identified for his or her love of fish, however do you know that dragging caught salmon by way of the forest helps soil? Animal carcasses enrich the soil and forest cowl vegetation, including the nitrogen required for wholesome plant progress. These processes are so interconnected that scientists say you’ll be able to truly use the well being of a forest to gauge the well being of the close by river’s salmon run

©Darryl Mills

Seed dispersion

The assistance supplied by bears continues after digestion. Following their meals, bears drop their scat within the forest, which is an efficient technique of disbursing seeds from the fruits and berries they eat. Bears, notably brown and black bears that eat quite a lot of fruit and different vegetation, course of the vitamins and digest the seeds, which re-enter the ecosystem within the type of scat. Bears are at all times on the transfer, and so too is their inadvertent planting challenge. Brown and black bears can disperse greater than 200,000 seeds an hour per sq. kilometre!

Every pile of bear droppings comprises a powerful focus of seeds: one pile of scat collected in Rocky Mountain Nationwide Park in Colorado yielded 1,200 seedlings after it was replanted in a neighborhood greenhouse.

Image of two black bears on a log
© Megan Lorenz

Ecosystem stability

Lastly, bears hold populations of deer and moose in verify. Like wolves and different carnivorous mammals, bears invoke concern amongst their prey, that means animals like deer are at all times on the transfer. 

This has two constructive ecosystem implications: it prevents deer from leisurely grazing and overeating vegetation in a single spot and likewise upturns the soil once they run. With out bears and wolves, none of this is able to occur. For instance, in Yellowstone Park, the extermination of wolf species had quite a lot of destructive results on the ecosystem at massive (wolves have since been reintroduced, and the ecosystem bounced again!).


Necessary as they’re, Canada’s bear species face quite a few threats, together with lack of habitat, looking, poaching, seize, and local weather change. Increasing protected areas is the simplest means to make sure pure habitats can maintain populations and stop inhabitants collapse.

Canada’s federal authorities has dedicated to defending 30 p.c of our land and ocean by 2030. As we inch nearer to the deadline, it’s extra crucial than ever that we hold decision-makers accountable. Join common marketing campaign updates to remain tuned on how one can take motion.



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