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The Secret of Success in Poultry Husbandry

Did you know that it is possible and easy for you to increase your monthly earning substantially and make over 80%  profit on whatever amount you are able to invest through Poultry Broiler Production just after 7 weeks of commencement even now as a worker or after retirement? Here is how:

From this book, titled :The Secret of Success in Poultry Husbandry ( A Guide-book for Farmers )…By Dennis Chikata ,  you will see clearly stated and in tabular forms everything you need to know about how to run either a small (back yard) Poultry business Or a big commercial/ industrial Poultry production. Although the book also covers Production of Chicken Eggs and Turkeys, yet this short piece is directed at those who need fast money come big and easy. This is found in  Broiler Chickens Production.

This book removes all fears of failure and fears of any husbandry or  management  problems; as long as the simple guides contained in the book are followed.

For example, it shows (1)  the amount of money to keep and spend from, without getting financially stranded midway, from Day One until 7 weeks of age when the chickens are big enough to be sold for table; (depending on how many day- old chicks you would like to start with). (2) the quantity of feed and water any number of chickens in the  flock will consume in one day, in one week, and in several weeks, so that one can attend to them in the morning and go off for other businesses till the next morning, while they eat and grow for the market day. (3) simple things to do or avoid; when to do them and how to do them and no ill-health or disease of any kind will ever be encountered, and (4) how to easily market what is produced by simply making a phone call to hotels and fast foods looking for where to buy chickens whose demand everywhere is difficult to satisfy.

An interesting aspect is that of Poultry Engineering.  Here the book teaches how to determine the best place to site or locate your intended poultry house, based on land topography and other factors. This is for Big-time or Commercial Production.  It also teaches how to know the type and size of house to build, and what structural provisions should be made in its construction. It goes ahead to teach the farmer how to construct the various kinds of Poultry Equipment  needed, in case one  does not want to buy ready-made ones always available in the market.

The author, who is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  and Poultry Husbandry Specialist has been involved in teaching and organising workshops and seminars for farmers after retiring voluntarily from Nigerian government service as a Chief Veterinary Officer. This was done to enable him be of greater service to more people outside his area of authority, now as a self-employed person.

Farmers as well as Students of Animal Science , Animal Husbandry, and Veterinary Medicine will also find the book a great treasure to cherish all through their professional life.

To Buy, go to Amazon or D2D and search  title or Dennis Chikata books





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