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There  are several people from various parts of the world who are associated with all kinds of mysterious manifestations, but none of them can  compare with this man  of whom this book is all about, who has been assessed and discovered to be the greatest and most amazing of them all, as you will easily agree with , by the  time you finish reading through this book.

Mysterious persons all over the world are usually known for one or two wonderful things they are often associated with. On the contrary this book describes in detail, not one or two, but several different wonders all attributed to this one and the same person .

One of these wonders,  which is by no means the greatest of them, is that when he desires to see or meet with someone,( no matter how far away from him the person might be) he immediately finds that very person  standing right in front of him. How the person gets transported body and soul to his presence  within a few seconds, remains an inexplicable  eye-popping mystery.

How he gets singled out from thousands and millions of people for special favours, by people in authority who have never met him nor ever heard anything about him, keeps one wondering how this man is able to control the minds and thoughts of people he has never met before.

Just behold these five examples, out of several stupendous ones:

  1. His country requires all University and Polytechnic graduates to undergo a one- year period of compulsory National Youth Service Corps program (NYSC) in states other than their states of origin. During this period, all these young graduates provide their own accommodation. Some who are lucky are housed by government in make-shift camps or in open halls with no facilities or conveniences whatsoever. When this man graduated and came for his own NYSC program, he was treated like a king, and housed in a five-star Presidential hotel in a big city for 12 months at government expense. All through the over fifty years history of this program till this day, nobody, (even the son of the President) has ever been given such special treatment.
  2. The central government of his country approved a special payment for all pensioners. His state Governor refused to pay any of his pensioners numbering over forty thousand, but singled out this most mysterious man and paid him what he refused to pay others, even though he had never met him, nor heard or known anything about him.
  3. During his country’s civil war which lasted for three years, the army suddenly attacked the estate where he was living and everyone fled abandoning every possession. At the end of the war, residents of the estate came back to discover that all they owned had been looted and some houses destroyed. Only one house was left completely in-tact with not even a pin missing; and this was the house of this mysterious man, who then came back and recovered all his property, while every other person had to start life all over again.
  4. This man’s car had an accident with a motorcycle rider who was badly injured. Consequently, his car was confiscated by the police. When the case was finally settled, the police told him that unless he brought the brother of the injured man who had come to report the matter to the police, his car would not be released, for the police needed to have the man sign out a document. He had never met this brother of the injured man and knew nothing about him. As soon as he stepped out of the Police office, a man came and stood in front of him and reported that he was the brother of the injured motorcycle rider. He led him to the police officer who was very surprised at how he was able to find the very man he was asked to produce in less than  three minutes.


  1. When there was a change of government in his country, the new government refused to pay about 2000 contractors who had done some jobs for the previous government, but singled out this man again, who was among the 2000, and paid him all he was being owed, even though he did not know the new head of government. As you read through the rest of several eye-popping wonders contained in this book, you cannot but join in asking the same question: WHAT KIND OF HUMAN BEING IS THIS?

Before you begin to wonder what a great magician this man must be as you read along, you discover he is also an author of many books. In one of his books , excerpts  of which are contained in this book, he explains that what takes a person to heaven is not the ability to perform great miracles, but rather obedience to the Four UNLESS which Jesus Christ preached about in the Holy Bible: one of which is ‘’ Unless you change and become like little children (known for humility , obedience, and love) you will never enter the kingdom of God’’- Matthew 18:3.

In another of his books, also contained here, he explains how nobody really dies after all; because the dead  still see, hear, eat and drink- and he convincingly explains it all. Read also the mysterious way he acquired his first car; plus how he was adjudged to be World No.1 in this category. See also in this book, how one of his books became the second book in world history to experience a phenomenon that was extensively described in this book.

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