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VISITORS  FROM   PURGATORYEye Witnesses Accounts. This is one of the 7 Unique Books, with some verifiable pieces of information not found in any other book. It has been of great delight to all who have read through it, due to its rich contents of corroborated wonders. Among the least of such wonders is the fact that  this earth on which we stand, moves round the Sun at a speed of sixty seven thousand miles (67,000) per hour; and  the Sun itself  is one million three hundred thousand  (1,300,000) times  the size of the earth.


We wish to assure you that as bizarre as some of the stories might sound, every one of them is very TRUE and many can be investigated to ascertain their veracity; including the German and Portuguese Newspapers mentioned.

As you go through them, please feel free to ask  questions on anything you desire to know more about. The author would be too glad to respond and give you very satisfactory explanations and answers.


No. 1. How the skeleton of Mr. Peter Miles rose from his grave three years after death, and arrived at the court where his three children who had been bribed by the governor to deny the truth, were among the crowd. The dead man came to testify in a sensational land case between a bishop and the State governor, and later walked back and re-entered his grave, as the huge crowd watched in utter amazement and disbelief of their eyes; plus what he said about the case and about Purgatory. Read amazing full details.

No 2.   Two moons appearing together in the sky at the same time, what it means and the exact date of its actualization.

No. 3    What the  then Presidents of America, Russia and UK did after accepting the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary  given  by the Children of Fatima who were canonized saints by Pope Francis on 13th. of May 2017.

No. 4.  The revelation and explanation of why the Bible states in Luke 20:38 that-ALL ARE IN FACT ALIVE, as well as biblical manifestation of how the dead see, hear, eat and drink. The book also contains a biblical revelation of what is capable of reducing our Suffering in this life and increase our happiness, no matter who we are .

No. 5.  It also gives the exact description of what Hell looks like and what goes on there; as shown to Saints Francisco and Jacinta by the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1917, as well as a detailed description of the place called Purgatory with its three different regions.

No. 6.   In humble obedience to the Official Acts of the Holy See (A.A.S) 58/16 of the Canon Law of the Church, and in compliance with the message from the apparition which was later conveyed to the surprised Author of this book,(details of which are described inside), we must also add that this book also contains details of what the Blessed Virgin Mary did and what She told the crowd about this  very book when She appeared at Idu Karmo, Abuja, Nigeria on the 25th of March 2017 (Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord). This apparition is always verifiable and has been verified and its veracity confirmed, while  Rev.Fr.Chijioke Majella of St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish, Abuja is in-charge of prayers by pilgrims at the holy site of this apparition.

This is the SECOND time in history of the world that the Blessed Virgin appeared with a BOOK in her hand. The first was in the year 1208 AD when she appeared at  Toulouse, France with the First Rosary and the BOOK showing the pictures of the Mysteries of the Rosary, with which She taught St. Dominic (then a Priest) how to say this new Prayer.

Having heard what Mary said during that apparition which continues to spread, many people have been anxious to read this book in order to find out what it contains that made Jesus, the King of Heaven, to permit the Blessed Virgin Mary to come down from Heaven to give out that message to the world through this Idu Karmo,  apparition.

This is one book that should be found in the library of every family for the younger ones to read when they grow up; as some of its highly valued contents cannot be found in any other book of its class existing in the world today, as can easily be confirmed by browsing through the internet. Those who have read it have seen and attested to this fact of the uniqueness of the book.

Apart from its very unique and special contents, this book also contains the story of how Pope Innocent iii died in Rome, and on that same day, appeared to reverend sisters at a Monastery in far away Brabant, begging them to pray for his quick release from Purgatory to which he had just been sentenced; thus confirming the bible teaching that judgement takes place immediately after death; for our most loving and good God does not delay our reward after death. This was why Jesus had to assure the good thief crucified with Him with the following words: ‘’TODAY you will be with me in Paradise’’ (Luke 23:43).

All who pray for the dead at funerals and later on, already accept the existence of Purgatory; since they cannot be praying for someone who has gone to heaven, nor pray for someone in hell; as no amount of prayer can ever free a person from hell. After here, our stay in our next abode is forever and ever.      Please share to your loved ones; they would be glad you did.

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