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Wooden Duck – Reflections of the Pure World


Aix sponsa

By Jim Achieve

Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds is a photograph weblog collection highlighting the 100 most typical Valley fowl species.

Put up #10 within the Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds collection. (Species 15/100.)


The Wooden Duck is arguably probably the most spectacularly stunning duck within the Central Valley. It’s a Pretty Frequent Yr-round Resident all through the wetlands and waterways of the valley. Just like different dabbling geese, the Wooden Duck is an omnivore with a broad weight-reduction plan of seeds, fruits, and aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.

Male Wooden Geese at Rahilly Park, Merced


Wooden Geese have a singular form amongst geese—a boxy, crested head, a skinny neck, and a protracted, broad tail. In flight, they maintain their head up excessive, typically bobbing it.

Like most waterfowl species, the wooden duck is sexually dimorphic with the males sporting a shiny inexperienced head minimize with white stripes, a chestnut breast and buffy sides. 

Male Wooden Duck

Females are gray-brown with a white-speckled breast.

Feminine Wooden Duck at Henderson Park, Merced County


Search for Wooden Geese in wooded swamps, marshes, streams, beaver ponds, and small lakes. They persist with moist areas with timber or intensive cattails. 

At San Joaquin River NWR


Wooden Geese nest in cavities in timber or in artificial nest containers and females could lay 9-14 eggs. The eggs are boring white to pale buff. Incubation is by feminine solely, 25-35 days. Ducklings stay within the nest till the morning after hatching. Clinging with sharp claws and bracing with tails, younger climb to the cavity entrance and bounce to floor. Younger are tended by females for 5-6 weeks, able to flight at about 8-9 weeks.

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Child Wooden Ducklings


Wooden Duck Nest Field at San Joaquin River NWR

As a cavity nester, Wooden Geese take readily to nest containers.

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