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Is Pomegranate Good For Weight Loss? Let’s Discover Out: HealthifyMe


Pomegranate – a scrumptious, juicy fruit extensively loved in numerous components of the world, particularly in India. This superfood is understood for its quite a few well being advantages, together with its capability to reinforce haemoglobin ranges within the physique. However is pomegranate good for weight reduction? The next sections will discover the reply to this query and dive into the science behind the pomegranate’s potential weight reduction advantages. So, seize a pomegranate and let’s get began!

Pomegranate: An Overview

Pomegranate (Punica granatum), or Anaar, has an extended and interesting historical past. The brilliant pink edible arils symbolised sanctity, abundance, and fertility in historic Greece and Rome. Nevertheless, the fashionable world additionally celebrates it for its dietary advantages.

Pomegranates are a marvel fruit. As a result of presence of polyphenols, they act as potent antioxidants. As well as, the pink color makes it an exquisite fruit. Pomegranates are stuffed with vitamins. In comparison with different fruits, pomegranate has a better content material of antioxidants. As well as, they comprise round thrice as many antioxidants as both pink wine or inexperienced tea. By decreasing low-density lipoprotein, or dangerous ldl cholesterol, it protects the guts. Furthermore, it helps enhance immunity and metabolic price, which leads to weight reduction.

Dietary Properties of Pomegranate 

As per USDA, 100 grams of pomegranate maintain the next dietary values.

  • Power: 83 kcal
  • Protein: 1.67g 
  • Carbohydrates: 18.7g
  • Fats: 1.17g
  • Fibre: 4g
  • Calcium: 10mg
  • Iron: 0.3mg 
  • Magnesium: 12mg
  • Phosphorus: 36mg
  • Potassium: 236mg 
  • Sodium: 3mg
  • Folate: 38µg
  • Vitamin Okay: 16.4mg
  • Vitamin C: 10.2mg

Notice: The really helpful quantity for consumption is 1 cup/250-300 grams each day for weight reduction.

Pomegranate and its Advantages for Weight Loss

Pomegranate is a nutrient-dense fruit usually related to weight reduction as a result of its reasonable fibre and low-calorie depend. The fibre in pomegranate helps promote satiety, decreasing total calorie consumption and selling weight reduction. Moreover, pomegranate accommodates polyphenols, which can assist increase metabolism and enhance fats burning. 

A human examine confirmed that administering 120 mL of pomegranate juice each day for one month considerably decreased fats mass in adults. One of many mechanisms by which pomegranates can take part in managing weight problems is thru regulating urge for food. Nevertheless, it’s important to notice that whereas pomegranate is usually a useful addition to a weight reduction weight loss plan, it isn’t a magic resolution. One ought to devour it carefully as a part of a balanced weight loss plan and wholesome way of life.

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Low-calorie Content material

To drop pounds, you should be on a calorie-deficit weight loss plan. Consequently, it’s essential to incorporate low-calorie meals in your weight loss plan. Pomegranates’ low-calorie content material is certainly one of their enticing options. 

100 grams of pomegranate has 83 energy. Therefore, you’ll be able to embody them in your weight loss plan with out worrying about your calorie consumption.

Wealthy in Fibre

Sustaining a wholesome digestive system requires fibre. Meals with plenty of fibre, like pomegranates, are essential for weight reduction. Fibre tends to bulk up in your abdomen as a result of it absorbs water. Subsequently, meals excessive in fibre will help you keep full for a very long time and cut back the necessity for frequent snacking. It, in flip, aids in calorie restriction and encourages weight reduction. 

Loaded with Vitamins

The minerals folate, vitamin Okay, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and potassium are considerable in pomegranates. These vitamins are essential for physique weight upkeep as a result of they help a wholesome metabolic price, which permits your physique to burn extra energy. Research present it additionally prevents metabolic syndrome.

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Pure fats burner

Polyphenols, particularly anthocyanins, that are pure fats burners, are considerable in pomegranates. Polyphenols are in crops. These substances help your normal well being. They help in weight reduction by accelerating metabolism and rising calorie burn. So a weight loss plan excessive in polyphenols will help drop pounds and forestall the physique from storing fats. As well as, research present it could actually assist forestall and handle numerous ailments. 


Pomegranate is a nutrient-dense fruit that may help in weight reduction as a result of its reasonable fibre content material and low-calorie depend. Pomegranate additionally accommodates polyphenols that may increase metabolism and enhance fats burning. Whereas it may be a useful addition to a weight reduction weight loss plan, it isn’t a magic resolution. It’s important to devour it reasonably as a part of a wholesome way of life and balanced weight loss plan. However, pomegranates’ low-calorie content material, wealthy fibre content material, loaded vitamins, and polyphenol compounds make them a superb choice for these making an attempt to drop pounds and forestall numerous ailments.

Different Well being Advantages of Pomegranate 

Anaemia Reduction

Pomegranate has excessive ranges of iron. It’s a treatment for anaemia because it promotes increased ranges of haemoglobin.

Coronary heart Wholesome 

It helps preserve plaque from increase in your arteries. As well as, it reduces ldl cholesterol and blood strain.

Most cancers prevention

Pomegranate can cut back and prohibit the expansion of most cancers cells and tumours in your physique. Analysis suggests its use as a promising chemotherapeutic agent. 


Pomegranate juice has properties which will help individuals affected by airthritis. Research present pomegranate seeds are wealthy in punic acid that has anti-arthritic exercise. It additionally will increase bone mineral density and prevents pro-inflammatory actions. As well as, it prevents the onset of osteoarthritis.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Pomegranate is wealthy in antioxidants. It has a low glycemic index. Pomegranate considerably helps in stabilising blood sugar ranges. Research present pomegranates help in diabetes kind 2 prevention and remedy.


Pomegranate presents numerous well being advantages past its potential to help in weight reduction. It is a superb supply of iron and will help relieve anaemia whereas being heart-healthy by stopping plaque buildup in arteries and decreasing ldl cholesterol and blood strain. Pomegranate additionally has potential anti-cancer properties and may act as a chemotherapeutic agent. As well as, it’s anti-inflammatory, benefiting these with arthritis or vulnerable to creating osteoarthritis. Lastly, pomegranate will help regulate blood sugar ranges and help within the prevention and remedy of kind 2 diabetes.

Methods to Embody Pomegranates in Your Food regimen:

  1. You possibly can have 150 grams/ half a cup of pomegranate arils as a snack between meals.
  2. Embody them in salads along with different fruits and veggies. 
  3. You too can add pomegranate arils to your weight-loss-friendly dessert.
  4. Pomegranate as an entire fruit or juice is extra useful for weight reduction if consumed within the morning. Nevertheless, consuming complete fruit is extra sensible because of the fibre content material. Fruits lose their fibre content material when juiced.
  5. You possibly can add pomegranate seeds to your yoghurt or curd. 
  6. Make a pomegranate detox water and drink a glass each week. 
  7. You too can add pomegranate seeds to your smoothie bowl or oats porridge. 
  8. Add half a cup of pomegranate juice to your salad dressing to extend the dietary worth of your salad. 


There are numerous methods to devour pomegranate to help in weight reduction. These embody consuming half a cup of pomegranate arils as a snack, including them to salads or desserts, consuming the fruit or juice within the morning, including the seeds to yoghurt or smoothie bowls, and even making detox water with pomegranate. Moreover, you’ll be able to enhance the dietary worth of your salad dressing by including half a cup of pomegranate juice. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to notice that consuming complete fruit is extra sensible because of the fibre content material, as fruits lose their fibre when juiced.

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Pomegranate Weight Loss Recipes

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pomegranate

Servings: 4

Whole time: 25 minutes


  • Brussels sprouts: 450g
  • Pomegranate seeds: 175g
  • Apple: 182g
  • White wine vinegar: 2 tbsp
  • Salt: to style
  • Pepper: to style
  • Olive oil: 2 tbsp


  1. Shred the Brussels sprouts and lower the apples into skinny slices. 
  2. Add salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar in a bowl. 
  3. Add pomegranate and blend all in a bowl. Serve it instantly.

Pomegranate Raita

Servings: 3-4

Whole time: 5 minutes 


  • Curd: 500g 
  • Pomegranate seeds: 60g
  • Stevia: 1 tsp


  1. Take a bowl, add curd and stevia and blend properly. 
  2. Add the pomegranate to the combination and revel in it for wholesome weight reduction for breakfast, snack, or dinner.

Dangers of Overconsumption

Though pomegranates supply many well being advantages, overconsumption could result in potential unintended effects. It is very important word that consuming pomegranate seeds at very excessive ranges could enhance the danger of intestinal blockage and extreme constipation. Pomegranate seeds are excessive in fibre, and extreme fibre consumption could trigger blockage within the intestines, resulting in constipation. Moreover, overeating pomegranates could lead to digestive points resembling gasoline, bloating, and abdomen discomfort. Subsequently, it’s important to devour pomegranates carefully and observe the really helpful each day consumption to keep away from these potential unintended effects.

HealthifyMe Suggestion

Strive including pomegranate to your morning smoothie bowl! Merely mix some frozen berries, banana, spinach, and a handful of pomegranate seeds for a scrumptious and nutritious breakfast to maintain you full and energised all through the morning. You too can prime the smoothie bowl with extra pomegranate seeds and granola for an additional crunch. Strive it and see how this tasty twist on a basic breakfast will help you drop pounds.

The Ultimate Phrase

Pomegranates might be part of a fast, low-calorie snack alternative. Subsequently, you’ll be able to add it to your weight reduction journey healthily and innovatively. To efficiently cut back weight, you will need to rigorously take into account each meal, from breakfast to dinner. Furthermore, portion management is essential. A session with a medical professional will get sometimes suggested earlier than making dietary or way of life modifications. An intensive methodology for monitoring your health and well being will get offered by the HealthifyMe app.

Disclaimer: The aim of this text is simply to disperse information and lift consciousness. It doesn’t intend to interchange medical recommendation from professionals. For additional info, please contact our licensed nutritionists Right here.

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can pomegranates assist with weight reduction?

A: Pomegranates get absolutely full of antioxidants, that are appropriate for you and assist increase your immunity and metabolic price, enabling you to drop pounds. As well as, it’s excessive in fibre and low in energy. 

Q: What are the dietary advantages of pomegranate?

A: Pomegranates get loaded with important vitamins. It’s wealthy in fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, vitamin C, and Okay. These vitamins profit your well being in a number of methods, together with bone well being, pores and skin well being, low levels of cholesterol, regulation of blood sugar and hypertension, and lots of extra. 

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Q: Does pomegranate juice assist in weight reduction?

A: In comparison with different fruit juices, pomegranate juice has a excessive quantity of antioxidants, notably polyphenols. It accommodates round thrice as many antioxidants as both pink wine or inexperienced tea. As well as, decreasing low-density lipoprotein, or dangerous ldl cholesterol, protects the guts. Subsequently, it could actually assist in weight reduction and forestall weight achieve. Drink pomegranate juice that’s 100% pure, with no added sugar. 

Q: Is it protected to devour pomegranate for weight reduction?

A: Definitely, it’s protected for weight watchers and really useful. It has fewer energy, reasonable fibre, and antioxidants, considerably helping in weight reduction. It additionally boosts one’s metabolism. 

Q: How a lot pomegranate ought to I devour each day for weight reduction?

A: The really helpful quantity for pomegranate consumption is 1 cup or 250-300 grams each day for weight reduction. You possibly can embody it in your on a regular basis weight loss plan in quite a lot of methods. Furthermore, pomegranate juice is helpful for well being. Nevertheless, complete fruits are higher as a result of juicing removes the fibre content material. 

Q: Can pomegranate be taken as a snack for weight reduction?

A: You possibly can embody pomegranates in between your meals as small snacks in your weight reduction journey. It’s excessive in fibre which can help in weight reduction. And because it has a low-calorie depend, you wouldn’t have to fret. 

Q: Does pomegranate enhance or lower metabolism?

A: Pomegranate is well-known for enhancing your metabolism. It’s wealthy in antioxidants, polyphenols, linolenic acid, and different important vitamins and bioactive compounds that assist to burn fats and enhance metabolism. 

Q: Can pomegranates assist cut back stomach fats?

A: No meals or fruit instantly can cut back stomach fats. To drop pounds, the physique must be in calorie-deficit mode. Each stomach fats and complete physique fats will finally lower.

Q: What’s one of the simplest ways to devour pomegranate for weight reduction?

A: There are a number of methods to incorporate pomegranate for weight reduction. Some finest methods are containing pomegranate seeds in your salad, including seeds to your curd, and having it with oats porridge or a smoothie bowl. 

Q: Are there any unintended effects of consuming pomegranate for weight reduction?

A: There are hardly any unintended effects for pomegranate for weight reduction. Nevertheless, consuming greater than the suggested each day amount could have undesirable outcomes. An excessive amount of pomegranate could trigger extreme constipation, intestinal blockage, gasoline, and bloating.

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