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How To Maintain Your Child’s Tooth & Gums Wholesome


Everything You Should Know About Kids Dental Care

Hello everybody! My title is Dr. Ashley Lerman – I’m a board-certified pediatric dentist and the founder and CEO of Firstgrin.

After finishing my pediatric dental diploma at Columbia College, I began working at a household dentist workplace in personal apply the place I acknowledged the quantity of misinformation and lack of personalised data offered to folks for his or her infants on oral well being, which impressed me to start out Firstgrin.

Firstgrin helps enhance the lives of caregivers and kids by eliminating the excess of data (and misinformation) about oral well being care on-line by making a central hub for training, merchandise, and entry. We ship age and developmentally acceptable merchandise to pregnant, peri-partum, and postpartum mother and father. Together with preventive oral well being training, that are usually not coated in-office or within the pediatric medical setting. 

We goal to re-write the dental narrative in a holistic manner and join the mouth to the remainder of the physique by specializing in vitamin, conduct, and habits for a powerful, wholesome mouth all through life. Poor oral well being for pregnant mothers have penalties corresponding to preeclampsia, low delivery weight, and early labor. Moreover, cavities (that are the #1 childhood illness) within the child enamel are immediately correlated to cavities within the grownup enamel, which even have penalties on total well being. Setting early wholesome habits units a powerful basis for youths to develop up to allow them to foster wholesome mouths.

We’re all about practicality since we all know mother and father are busy and we emphasize actionable ideas and knowledge!

Keep in mind: each youngster might be completely different, along with his or her personal timeline, along with his or her personal wants. An grownup ought to supervise all oral care practices for kids.

How To Maintain Your Child’s Tooth & Gums Wholesome

♡ Teething can begin as early as 4 months

This may be complicated since nothing is “in” the mouth but. Some signs might embrace irritability, drooling, fever. Search for white blanching of the gum, swollen areas that create a “bulge.” The primary enamel are available in round 6 months and they’re the underside two. All the newborn enamel erupt round 33 months (each youngster is completely different and this will vary). All child enamel are misplaced by round age 13. So we cling on to them for some time and need to maintain them wholesome!

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Tip: soak a washcloth partially in water, breastmilk, or method and freeze for about quarter-hour, thaw for a couple of minutes, and use for a teething toy, go to for extra tips about teething.

Baby tooth eruption order

♡ Begin brushing the gums when there are not any enamel

I do know this sounds foolish, however it helps down the road. Massaging the gums helps alleviate teething discomfort and desensitizes the mouth. Which will get the newborn used to the sensation of brushing sooner or later. 

Tip: gum massager finger brushes and banana brushes are nice introductory devices to get a child used to the feeling of brushing.

gum massager finger brush
Banana brush | How To Keep Your Baby's Teeth & Gums Healthy

♡ Introduce an open cup at 6 months previous

Utilizing a bottle or sippy cup for an prolonged time period requires a persistent sucking movement that stops improvement of a correct swallowing sample. The sample permits liquid to pool across the enamel, which might enhance the chance of cavities in addition to misalignment of the enamel. Introducing open cups round 6 months promotes correct oral improvement and fosters hand-eye coordination. Correct oral improvement is creating steadiness of the oral muscle tissue to permit the jaw to develop correctly. 

Straw cups are socially the norm they usually permit correct oral improvement whereas additionally giving mother and father a extra handy and fewer messy choice. 

Tip: you possibly can introduce an open cup round 6 months or when your child is sitting unsupported. As soon as your child can efficiently swallow water from an open rim, you possibly can introduce a straw. Although the aim is to “introduce” an open or straw cup early, this doesn’t imply your child is anticipated to study it at this early age. It will possibly take a number of time and persistence earlier than your child develops correct musculature and coordination to have the ability to drink independently and efficiently. 

♡ Floss wherever the enamel contact

Flossing isn’t age dependent! Between the enamel is the commonest place the place children get cavities. And it’s most frequently because of lack of flossing. Often enamel begin to contact round 2-3, when the newborn molars erupt, however generally even earlier. Flossing just isn’t straightforward – it’s a behavior that’s laborious to implement even for adults. It’s worrying for folks, particularly on prime of all the brushing struggles. It’s low precedence with all the different challenges of parenthood. Listed here are some ideas:

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Ideas: Set life like and achievable targets, begin introducing the idea earlier than the enamel contact, so your youngster received’t worry flossing as soon as they really NEED to floss, and let your youngster play with floss or watch you floss. 

When you can’t floss your complete mouth, focus solely on the areas the place the enamel contact. Rotate which location you begin flossing. Take child steps to desensitize your youngster to the idea and sensation of floss. Begin with one spot first, then add a second per week later. Even flossing ONE spot an evening is a HUGE success in serving to your toddler construct the behavior and perceive that it’s a part of their routine. It could be laborious to your youngster to carry a floss decide. So remember to give them a hand, use a mirror, and at all times supervise flossing.

flossing for kids | How To Keep Your Baby's Teeth & Gums Healthy

♡ Take note of snacking frequency

The extra steadily we graze or snack (liquids aside from water included), the extra usually the enamel are uncovered to acid, which weaken the enamel and enhance cavity danger. For instance, a juice field in a single sitting is more healthy than sipping on a juice field for a number of hours. If the enamel are uncovered to the juice for a number of hours, they weaken and are vulnerable to cavities. The identical goes for any snack: a handful of crackers directly is best for the enamel than a handful of crackers over a number of hours. For the reason that crunchy meals will sit within the grooves of the enamel undisturbed and enhance cavity danger.

Tip: Ideally, after snacks, meals, or juice, full the meal with a sip of non-carbonated water to assist rinse and neutralize the mouth. In addition to assist clear out the grooves of the enamel. This minor act helps the mouth loads. 

♡ Pacifier weaning

Pacifiers are a helpful soothing tooth within the new child and toddler years, however prolonged use throughout occasions of play, vocalization, jaw improvement, and many others. can impression speech improvement/articulation as your youngster will get older. From a developmental perspective, it’s an incredible soothing mechanism, however our older toddlers could be taught different coping expertise the place a pacifier will not be vital. 

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Tip: The aim is to wean the pacifier by 3 years of age. Some approaches embrace: 

+ chilly turkey – throwing it away or having them throw it away

The kid might fortunately give it up, or it could contain some tears for a number of days. So ensure to reassure them, get all the way down to their degree when they’re unhappy, redirect them to different actions, verbally applaud their bravery, and train respiratory workouts when they’re calm.

+ planting the pacifier in a backyard – this can be a common technique

Plant the pacifier with them and inform them one thing thrilling might be there within the morning. After they fall asleep, put flowers or balloons the place the pacifier was. Watch them get excited seeing how their pacifier was magic!

+ use the “Pacifier Fairy”

Have them put the pacifier beneath their pillow or of their crib. In the midst of the night time, exchange it with a brand new loving merchandise.

+ throw a “bye-bye pacifier” occasion

Rejoice them being an enormous child now and have a celebration to remind them of how proud they need to be of themselves for not needing the pacifier.

Keep in mind, removing of a pacifier within the toddler years is NOT a nasty factor. There could also be tears, so think about choices that be just right for you and your youngster. If there are tears, do not forget that these tears will not be dangerous and could be met with compassion, understanding, and redirection. Be affected person, constant, and protracted with whichever technique you select.

When growing Firstgrin, my aim was to maximise oral well being from early on. So I curated a new child oral care equipment for caregivers which features a choice of instruments and sensible data designed to foster wholesome enamel, mouths, and our bodies from childhood into maturity.

For extra data, sensible ideas, and to order a new child oral care equipment of your personal, please go to or discover us on Instagram @firstgrin

Oh, & remember to use the code TSC22 without spending a dime transport in your order.

Let me know what you assume!

~ Ashley




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